MY ROLE:  Creative Director / Lead Designer / Solution Architect 
eBay was looking for ways to inspire new sellers and to optimize its complex listing process for existing Consumer and Business sellers. Sellers had been complaining that it took too long to complete an eBay listing, and that the listing experiences varied drastically across platforms — so in an ever-increasingly competitive marketplace changes were needed.
In addition, the Selling Engineering and Design teams were bogged down maintaining 4 different Listing Experiences — all with different nouns, verbs, interactions, guidance, and visuals.
I led our Design team in partnering with eBay’s Research, Engineering, and Executive teams to better understand our different seller segments, our opportunities to address both eBay’s and seller’s needs, and how through simple and innovative tactics we might improve seller’s interactions with our listing experience. 
We focused on several key areas, including advanced Pricing and Shipping community-based recommendations, moving to a new interaction paradigm (Summary + Detail), and an increased visual and interaction consistency across all of our platforms.
Our result was a unified listing form that was able to provide a consistent experience across iOS Handset and Tablet, Android Handset and Tablet, and Desktop and Mobile Web — all while adhering to the interaction and navigation norms for those platforms.
The experience is modular and scalable, allowing a seller to have specific features, guidance and optimizations provided based upon their particular needs.
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