I am a multi-disciplinary design director, product designer, design manager, and creative director with an eye for innovation and awesomeness.
Previously, I lead eBay's Focused Categories Design team, elevating high-engagement product areas for the company's enthusiast buyers. Before that, I designed wearables, mobile devices, tablets, applications, and future concepts for Intel Labs and several other Intel Product Groups. I also spent time crafting digital health products in an Intel + GE joint venture.
Currently, I am sowing the seeds for the next digital revolution in the People Consent & Agency team @ Meta — seeking to provide more transparency and control to the communities using Meta's family of experiences.
(Whoa, that was a mouthful.)
I have worked with some amazing companies (Intel, Nike, GE, eBay, and now Meta) and that breadth of experience has helped me develop a balance between user and business needs. My passion lies in finding that hard-won middle ground, where we address human goals and passions while also helping a company address its goals — these are not mutually exclusive, but it’s a great challenge to solve for both. 
As a former New Yorker now living in Portland, OR, I enjoy the Pacific Northwest with my wife and sons. I speak in pop culture references, I am a terrible cook, and I once played electric guitar on tour with an aging rock band to pay for college.

— META (New) —

Senior Design Manager
People Consent & Agency
(Oct 2022 — Present)

— EBAY (7 years) —

Design Director for Focused Categories
eBay Buyer Experience Team
(Jun 2021 — Oct 2022)
Senior Design Manager
eBay Seller Experience Team
(Jan 2016 — Jun 2021)

— INTEL (8 years) —

Senior Product Designer + Creative Lead
Intel Experience Group
(April 2015 — Jan 2016)

Senior Product Designer + Creative Lead (Mobile & IoT)
Intel Software Solutions & Open-Source Technology Groups
(Jan 2014 — April 2015)

Senior Product Designer + Creative Lead (Wearables & IoT)
Intel New Devices Group
(Jul 2013 — Jan 2014)

Senior Product Designer + Creative Lead (Mobile)
Intel Mobile Client Group
(Jul 2011 — Jul 2013)

Lead Product Designer
Intel Labs + Care Innovations (Intel-GE Company)
(Apr 2008 — Jul 2011)

— CONN CREATIVE MEDIA (11 years) —

Creative Director + Lead Designer/Developer (All the Things)
Sole Proprietor
(Jan 2000 — Jul 2011)

— MCAFEE (2 years) —

Experience Designer
Product Group
(Jan 2006 — Apr 2008)

— NIKE (2 years) —

Experience Designer
Web Design
(Jan 1998 — Jan 2000)
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