MY ROLE:  Owner / Creative Lead / Design / Web Developer / All the Things
I owned my own freelance digital consultancy agency for many years. During this time, I got to work for many of the large companies in Portland, including Nike, Intel, and Wieden + Kennedy.
In addition, I was able to partner with many small business and churches to help bring some great experiences to their organizations.
During this season, I literally did anything and everything — design, coding, and launching full database-driven web applications one month; creating full-wall outdoor murals another; and then designing book covers for educational purposes yet another.
Ultimately, my time running my own agency came to end when I had kids and needed a little something called "health insurance". But, my experiences during this season helped shape me into the "roll up your sleeves" designer than I am today.
Below is a small sample of some of the variety of work that I produced:
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