UPDATE — As of 2023, the apps have had over 40,000 downloads across 70+ countries, and have reached #1 in Productivity and #5 Overall in the Apple App Store.
MY ROLE:  Creator / Designer / Engineer / Marketer / Owner 
Direct Shot is a camera-based utility that helps you extend your device storage and stay organized by skipping the Camera Roll and sending photos and video directly to the iCloud or Dropbox locations you choose. Stay organized by choosing your desired folder locations directly from the camera.
I created this app to stay organized and keep all the non-photography images (receipts, whiteboards, sketches, etc.) out of my Camera Roll — as well as to allow for quick organization for all my archiving needs.
I initially created a version that utilized the Dropbox cloud service, and then created a second app for iCloud with the launch of iOS 11 and the new Files app. Now with each app / service, you always have access to your images taken with Direct Shot through the cloud-provided apps.
I came up with the idea, designed, and coded the front-end of these apps for iPhones and iPad. (I partnered with a backend developer on connecting to the iCloud and Dropbox APIs.)
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